"I can openly say that Adrian is one of the best creative minds that I have had the pleasure to work with. Luckily for him, his creativity is doubled by his amazing talent as an illustrator, managing to create amazing designs"
Mihai Adamescu
Producer - EA Sports
"Seriously hard working. Creative and original approach to each task, he always tried to find new ways to expand the product at a conceptual level. His style is very personal and one of our lead products has his signature all over it"
Andrei Fantana
Studio Manager - Pragmatic Play
"Adrian is definitely a great artist! A creative mind I had the pleasure of working with, for challenging projects during his work as an Interactivity Designer at The Bright Agency. From graphic creations to games and animated video production, we worked well together. P.S. His absolutely amazing singer & entertainer skills were the sugar & spice of some of our team-building activities. "
Ioana Cristea
Marketing Director - Bright Agency
"An out-of-the-box, highly creative thinker, with a lot of passion, talent and necessary knowledge to apply it all. He is professional artist of the highest level and a great and fun person to be around"
Vivian Nastasa
Manager - Playtika
"Adrian is one of the the most uncommon creative persons I have ever met. He has a vivid imagination and creates excellent and unique results. His style is highly original and filled with personality and consistently lend his projects a rare feel. Adrian is flexible and can work in a wide variety of media, which further enables him to actualize his clients' visions through his unique and striking artworks. I recommend him and his work."
Mihai Niculae
Team Leader - Softwin
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